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Pritika Bedi is an avid runner and marathoner, who became a workout and fitness freak, after losing 30 kgs herself with all the ethical practices. It was only then, when she recognised her true passion, i.e., training people towards healthy nutritional practices

She is a Distinction Holder in her PGDM from Symbiosis International University, Pune. Pritika also has in her bag a PGDM from Mac Nutrition University, UK. Having grabbed her Diploma from International Sports Associatio n, America, she is a specialist in Sports Nutrition too. Being an athlete herself, she knows the actual drawbacks of using unethical means

Pritika is an advocate of healthy and sustainable diet and adheres to the same while training her clients. It is due to her competency and specialization only, that she has garnered the trust of people and has trained over 3000+ clients all across the globe, despite having sown the seeds of HealthSake in December 2018 . She has delivered amazing results, having numerous success stories of her clients to be told

She puts forward her expertise in every kind of nutritional diet, whether they are for shedding or putting on some extra pounds. Into the bargain, Pritika has also handled nutritional and dietary training programs for lifestyle disorders and other health requirements. The programs include therapeutic meal plans for obesity, diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, pregnancy, dyslipidemia, geriatrics, hypertension, cancer, thyroid, malnutrition, and many more

Pritika Bedi is a strong supporter of healthy and sustainable habits

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